Ambient Background
Ambient Illumination


1. set pos: COPY
3. Throw Type:

left click

Throw Type
2. Model State:

stand & run

Model State
4. Move Keys:
movment modifiers keys
direction keys
space key
mouse buttons
6. Side: TT
7. Air Time: 1.88 seconds
Ambient Illumination

You have to keep running after releasing mouse button, if you release at right moment you should be able to stop before beeing exposed to jungle. throw pos: setpos_exact 298.346375 -2300.084229 -39.968750;setang_exact 0.000000 -164.346191 0.000000 setpos 298.346375 -2300.084229 24.031250;setang -9.511749 -164.346191 0.000000