Ambient Background
Ambient Illumination


1. set pos: COPY
3. Throw Type:

left click

Throw Type
2. Model State:


Model State
4. Move Keys:
movment modifiers keys
direction keys
space key
mouse buttons
6. Side: TT
7. Air Time: 5.77 seconds
Ambient Illumination

Avoid using smoke grenades as they provide opportunities for CTs to manipulate positions around the B site, causing delays for TTs trying to clear the site.
However, smoke grenades can be strategically employed for a B Split or a rapid eco plant.


  • Grants CTs room to maneuver and strategically position themselves around the B site.


  • Discourages long-range engagements with CTs, promoting close-range combat, making it effective for eco or half-buy rounds.
  • Blocks the line of sight from backsite and inside from the apps, disrupting the enemy's vision.
  • Blocks visibility from bench and inside towards short, creating advantageous situations for attackers.

Align horizontally with middle of dark frame on the left.
Allign vertically is not strict, but you can align with darker spot over bottom window.