Ambient Background
Ambient Illumination


1. set pos: COPY
3. Throw Type:

left jumpthrow

Throw Type
2. Model State:


Model State
4. Move Keys:
movment modifiers keys
direction keys
space key
mouse buttons
6. Side: TT
7. Air Time: 7.22 seconds
Ambient Illumination

Avoid using smoke grenades as they provide opportunities for CTs to manipulate positions around the B site, causing delays for TTs trying to clear the site.
However, smoke grenades can be strategically employed for a B Split or a rapid eco plant.


  • Grants CTs room to maneuver and strategically position themselves around the B site.


  • Discourages long-range engagements with CTs, promoting close-range combat, making it effective for eco or half-buy rounds.
  • Blocks the line of sight from backsite and inside from the apps, disrupting the enemy's vision.
  • Blocks visibility from bench and inside towards short, creating advantageous situations for attackers.