Ambient Background
Ambient Illumination


1. set pos: COPY
3. Throw Type:

left click

Throw Type
2. Model State:

stand & run

Model State
4. Move Keys:
movment modifiers keys
direction keys
space key
mouse buttons
6. Side: CT
7. Air Time: 2.00 seconds
Ambient Illumination

Mid Boxes Molotov from Window

This Molotov is used to burn the mid boxes when TTs have smoked off window, to help short/underpass/connector teammates fight for mid. If you're already in jungle, you can use this lineup instead.

Pre-aim and don't move the mouse from this point. Go to the corner, press W, and release before hitting the window. It requires practice as it's intended to be thrown from inside the window smoke. With practice Can beperformed without stopping in vents